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Dieter Rams & Florian Seiffert, Braun coffee machine KF 20 Aromaster, 1972. 📷 Koichi Okuwaki. See more: domusweb


Dieter Rams & Florian Seiffert, Braun coffee machine KF 20 Aromaster, 1972. 📷 Koichi Okuwaki. See more: domusweb



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I’ve been watching a lot of Jessica Hische’s (the designer/letterer of these) talks lately, she’s so freaking awesome. I love her work :)

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Ilonka Karasz, illustration for the children’s book The Shape Of Things, 1964. Source 1+2


Bureau Rabensteiner    |

"Identity for Tischlerei Gebrüder Falgschlunger – an ambitious carpenter based near Innsbruck, Austria. Passionate dedication, adroitness and solid craftsmanship skills are the hallmarks of this Tirolean Quality Enterprise which, together with hand-picked regional partners from the nearby surroundings, succeeds in designing, fulfilling and executing to perfection the wishes of clients from far and near."

Bureau Rabensteiner is an Austrian design studio specialized in creative direction and graphic design. Our small company structure allows us to work in an inspiring atmosphere which assures the best result on our clients projects. We combine strategic thinking with branding and photography and therefore we are able to transport more than just design but a whole company spirit on different channels. 

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A hallway storage accessory that easily adapts to your personal needs. This Wirt called host was created by Manada° Studio and did already win the Interior Innovation Award 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

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Morris Kitchen Collaboration with Small Spells | Jefferson Cheng | The Dieline

Morris Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based company that makes a variety of seasonal syrups to be used in cocktails and cooking. For this project they teamed up with ceramicist Rachel Howe of “Small Spells” in producing a limited box set that includes two hand made ceramic cups, three recipe cards and an Earl Grey Syrup.

The inspiration for the packaging comes from the hand painted patterns of Rachel’s ceramic works. Which can be seen applied to the paper wrap and the recipe cards. The assortment of different paper stock were chosen to evoke warmth, tactility, and delight when opening the package.

Pattern Designs by Rachel Howe “Small Spells


Coffee & Kitchen | Moodley Brand Identity | The Dieline

Many people start their day with a hearty breakfast at Coffee & Kitchen, a little restaurant in Graz. It is a perfect place for business people who have their offices nearby. A good destination for before, during and after work.

You notice here that branding and architecture go hand in hand. Simple black and white coloring, combined with natural brown cardboard, matches ideally with the interior design. Apart from the kitemark-like stickers on mugs, bags and co., Coffee & Kitchen does without printed materials. Their hand-written lettering and friendly illustrations create a casual bar atmosphere. It is young, fresh and consistent, while simple and up-to-date – just the way Moodley Brand Identity wanted it feel.

Smartwatch by Dor Tal monitors social networks to predict future

“When someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time, that’s when it’s real. That’s when it’s worth something.”

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“When you start to love yourself, you will begin to realize that taking care of your body is much more rewarding than a spa day; that you are worth the commitment of designing your body and health; that you can enjoy a piece of pie; that good relationships aren’t supposed to hurt; that you can be your most proportioned self without being vain. Gone will be the days of grabbing candy and junk as though it’s a cure for all that ails, and gone will be the days when your first instinct is to give in to feelings of anxiety and failure, and to give up before you’ve even started.”

—   Tracy Anderson


Gautier’s Winter Nuts Gift Package | Gautier | The Dieline

This holiday season, Gauthier is giving all its clients a delicious package of winter nuts. “Created to look like a tree and be used like a cone, it’s our way of saying thanks and showing… We’re simply nuts about our clients.